Story 12: A Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

“I loved the country and the people. There was a real authenticity to their way of life, one that I don’t always find in American. There were also a lot of expats there who seek to identify with the laid-back culture. It appealed to me on many levels, but it is hard to imagine leaving the country permanently especially since I don’t speak the local language.”

Story 10: Going Home, Taiwan in 36 hours

By Jenie Fu I was at home when I heard the news of my grandma’s failing health. I had a long day of work. The text message from my cousin said my grandmother was in 安寧病房 (an ning bin fang). I stared at those characters for a while. … and I thought “Peaceful Hospital Room”…

Story 8: The Women’s March in Portland: A Most Auspicious Day

By Tiffany Burnette I woke up feeling anxious. My friends and family were far away on the other (east) coast. I’d be marching alone today. Jane*, the 72-year-old hippie who’s lived all over the world. I met her at the Women’s March in Portland, Oregon while trying to get back to my volunteer post at…

Story 6: A Trip for New Beginnings

By Kelly Moffat In the summer of 2014, I got married and somehow my soon to be my wife Laura convinced me we should quit our jobs and go traveling. Not traveling as in let’s take a honeymoon, but the kind of trip that doesn’t have a return ticket. Yeah, that kind of full emersion,…

Story 5: Mariana and Josh’s Last Leg to the West Coast

We drove for over 10 hours that day from snowy Park City to get to California. As the lights of Reno, Nevada disappeared in the rear view we had a major decision to make, go to Lake Tahoe or go to the Sierras and Yosemite.

Story 3: Weather Permitting, Just Breathe

Shenandoah was cold, rainy and miserable albeit beautiful. We met his brother on a Friday and had a nice night playing cards and having a few drinks in our secluded campsite. Day two we hiked the Appalachian Trail soaking wet trying to find waterfalls. Upon returning to our wind and rain ravaged campsite, there was no place to get warm except for in the park showers…or the car where I slept fo about two hours (hey, I was still sick!).

Story 2: Interview with Hilary Oliver

By Hilary Oliver Renowned in the travel world for her perspective on solo travel, we had the pleasure of interviewing Hilary Oliver. Her film, Being Here, is about how sometimes it takes a trip to wild place to remember just how brave, connected, vulnerable and free we can be. Swell Travel (ST): Congratulations on the People’s…