Looking For A Healthier Lifestyle? For One Woman, It Was A Career Deal Breaker

Business travel sounds exciting at first. You get to visit cities you’ve never been, and you get an opportunity to represent your company with an elevated profile. For women with big career aspirations, business travel is a must. But for most of us who regularly log in the road or air miles, we ladies know the downsides of constant business travel. The tight travel schedules, the long hours at work sites, and the after-work “work” engagements make for grueling days with little respite.

Where ever you are go with all of your heart quote

We recently had the chance to speak with a young professional who turned the concept of business-trip-as-feats-of-endurance on its head. In an effort to become healthier, Barb made a commitment and lost a substantial amount of weight. After the weight loss, she realized how incredibly difficult it was for her to maintain a healthy routine during business travel. So Barb decided to leave her job in corporate sales to being a fitness coach.

We asked Barb to contrast her work travel experiences from her corporate sales job to her current life in fitness coaching.


Barb usually drives to client’s offices. With an average territory of 250 miles radius, Barb is spending most of her travel in a car. As far as business trips where she has to go away, Barb describes non-descript boarding accommodations set up to clearly save cost for her company and without much consideration to her comfort or well-being.  She finds herself trying to stick to diet sodas while avoiding temptations like “convention center” bacon wraps and Danishes. Barb recounts a particular trip where she works 14-days straight in a convention center like a “robot working zombie” and does not see the sun. She would even get sideways looks from co-workers when she would pull out measured amounts of almonds at trade shows. Office with a view on the beach image


Barb chats excitedly about her recent trip to Florida where she meets up with people she knows professionally in the fitness and nutrition realm. She stays at places with amenities that support a healthy lifestyle. Activities like workouts on the beach and yoga are on the group agenda.  Networking activities take place under relaxed settings such as while lounging on the beach or on the comfy couches of the huge house they stayed at for the week.

Not many of us have the courage to transform our lives in this manner, but Barb has made a really bold move to put her health and well being first then developing a career that supports her new lifestyle. Her story is fascinating to us as we’ve both been doing trade shows and traveling for work for years. The fact that Barb is able to create her own schedule while working on the beach, literally, is something that seems to be happening more and more as folks forego traditional work for a remote work lifestyle. 

We really appreciate her newly found balance in life and health, and we wish Barb many healthy, swell travels in her future.

You can check out more of Barb’s images on her Instagram page where she shares many before and after shots of her healthy lifestyle changes.

Barbara Powers’ started dancing at the age of 3 and is an original member of the Jenn Oldfield Dancers, locally and nationally known for Philadelphia’s major parades and performances. She was also a member of OPUS 1 Contemporary Dance Company and graduated from St. Joseph’s University with a BA of Arts and Sciences.  Barbara is proud to share with anyone how she turned her happiness and health around, lost 50 pounds, and gained her best mind and body. The practice of barre was a major catalyst in her transformation, along with finding superfoods and practical at home fitness and nutrition solutions.  After dedicating the last 5 years of her life to her fitness and nutrition journey, she left the corporate world and now helps women do the same. Her focus is to help women feel amazing, get fit, and find happiness through a long-term healthy lifestyle. She is now a full-time health and fitness coach building her own business from home, and helping hundreds of women do the same for themselves!

Join Her Team: https://goo.gl/forms/4Eeb9ko9tokKIg4Q2

Website: https://www.facebook.com/barbara.powers.7

Thanks so much for reading!

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